Brand concept


Contracted style design, the fusion of color collision, lightsome style, contracted in outdoor, we insist on our design concept, dedicated to do your own brand.We have a professional design team, design and production practical and portable performance excellent outdoor products, walking in the city, in the outdoor travel.We strive to create new outdoor leisure travel products brand, its blue (TULN) actively advocate contracted travel, relaxed and comfortable, happy and healthy life style, and will be outdoor leisure into the busy city life, with contracted design style, lightsome fashion design concept, high standards of raw materials, creation and innovation of outdoor leisure products.


Company profile

  Tinto LanYunSa outdoor products co., LTD. (Beijing) for the domestic and international brand OEM manufacturer, specializing in the production of outdoor bags making, skin bag, carry bag, handbags and other products.Our company is set development, design, production of outdoor equipment production enterprise, and are responsible for the production and sale of products after-sales service.In the domestic and international brand OEM OEM business for many years, under the support of our in fujian, handan, langfang new workshop (research) factory production respectively, we try to together with you to build a well-known brand in the field of outdoor light line.